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The most incredible natural talent ever to grace the stage of The Voice UK.

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Leah McFall performs 'Loving You' - The Live Finals


Favourite comment (see below):


"Andrea has a beautiful voice, everyone from the semi final on deserved to win. But as my 10 year old daughter put it after tonight's final 'leah should have won.... We live in a world of wrongness' "

Leah McFall performs 'I Will Survive' - The Live Quarter-Finals


Will.I.am:  "we've just witnessed the best singer for a FREAKING long time!"

Leah McFall performs 'Killing Me Softly' - The Live Semi-Finals


Did well to knock out Cleo who really smashed it.
Leah has got so much more to give - Good Luck x :)

Leah McFall Vs CJ Edwards

In The Voice Battle Rounds

Singing Michael Jackson 'The Way You Make Me Feel'

Leah McFall Knockout rounds

'Loving You'

Featuring the most beautiful high note ever heard!

How does such a unique voice and style go undiscovered?!...Until The Voice...

Check out these YouTube videos which were recorded long before the country sat up and took note after Leah's appearances on The Voice UK.


Leah McFall - Sing Me The Blues

Wicked Smooth jazz Fusion

Leah McFall - Rita Ora RIP Cover

With Crazy Cool BeatBox Accompaniment

Leah McFall - O Come Emmanuel

Haunting Vocals...

Leah McFall - Suit & Tie Justin Timberlake Cover  (+beatbox again... :)


Leah McFall - The Voice Blind Audition

Sneaky Willy (And Danny - 'shut up')

Leah McFall - Justin Bieber -
As Long as You Love Me Cover

Leah McFall Gallery

Photos and pictures from before, during... (and after :) The Voice UK

About Leah McFall...


Leah is originally a singer/songwriter from Belfast. She believes that one of the most important things about being a performer is individual style, thus her passion for fashion developed with her music. "Even those performers who appear to not care about what they are wearing are intentionally doing so to express their acoustic/laid back feel of playing." Fashion and performing go hand in hand for Leah. Her type of music is soul/funk/blues and she aims to enhance this style and atmosphere on stage by what she wears. In order to learn more about fashion she moved to Birmingham in September 2009 to study a Fashion foundation course in Mathew Boulton College whilst continuing singing in the mainland. Whatever you think about Leah, one thing you can't deny is her uniqueness. Her appearance on The Voice UK is one of the biggest stages she could have hoped for. Whilst there are so many talent show platforms these days, the Voice has one of the best reputations for serious vocal talent. And vocal talent is what Leah has in abundance. Good luck with all your performances!



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